About the Journal


The Journal of Pharmaceuticals and Natural Sciences (JPNS) publishes original papers, review articles, and scientific commentaries on all aspects of pharmaceuticals and natural sciences depending on their conceptual novelty and scientific quality. The journal welcomes articles in this multidisciplinary field, with a focus on topics relevant to Computer-aided Drug Design; Drug Regulatory Affairs; Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutics; Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and microbiology; Pharmacognosy, Phytochemistry and ethnobotany; Pharmacology and toxicology; Pharmacy Practice & Hospital Pharmacy; Medicinal & Analytical Chemistry; Nanotechnology & Nanomedicine; Novel & Targeted Drug Delivery; and Allied sciences.

Manuscript submitted to Journal of Pharmaceuticals and Natural Sciences (JPNS) are only accepted on the comprehension that (A) they are subject to editorial review (at last by two independent referees); (B) they have not been, and will not be fully or partially published elsewhere; (C) the recommendations of the most recent version of the Declaration of Helsinki, for humans, and the International Community guidelines as accepted principles for the use of experimental animals have been adhered to.



The Journal of Pharmaceuticals and Natural Sciences (JPNS) is published by B-CRETA Publisher (CV. Borneo Citra Kreatama) [URL: https://b-creta.com] which is an independent academic publishing company, registered in Indonesia (via Ministry of Law and Human Rights) with No. AHU-0013097-AH.01.14 Tahun 2024 and Single Business Number (NIB) by OSS with Number of 1502240023545 (KBLI: 58130). B-CRETA Publisher (CV. Borneo Citra Kreatama) has its office at Jalan Sentosa Dalam No. 99, Samarinda, East Kalimantan, Indonesia.